Sunday, September 13, 2015

September, School, and Sweatpants


It has been a busy school year already! We're three weeks in, and it's been good so far. After this next week, we'll be 1/4th finished with the semester! (It's all about milestones.)

That being said, the classes I'm taking are going really well-- I can't complain about any of them. I'm taking Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, and Business, Government, and Ethics. Only four classes, but they each require quite a bit for each meeting. I have two major projects and a lot of little assignments. (But I just keep reminding myself that this is my last semester, and I can do anything I put my mind to.)

My birthday was a few weeks ago, and my mom came down to Cedar to see me. It was so much fun to have her here. Saturday morning we went hiking at Cedar Breaks and it was so, so beautiful. It was good to get out of Cedar and into nature.

I've been busy with church stuff and generally getting into the hang of things here. It's nice to get into a routine and have that to lean on. The first week back, I was really bummed that I had to go to class every day of the week, but now I'm appreciating the structure of it. It's comforting having a syllabus and knowing exactly what we're going to be doing in class two months from now. I just like knowing and being able to fill out my planner.

My new roommates are pretty great. All four of us are seniors, so we've been doing the school thing for a while now. We get along nicely and have had a few nights where we're all lazing on the couch watching Disney movies. Nobody is terrible messy, so the house stays clean, and we're all pretty easy going, so I imagine we'll have a good year together.

Anyway, that's what I've been up to. I hope you're well and having a beautiful September!

Until next time,

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