Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Almost, Sometimes, Finally Spring!


Can you believe it's already April? Maybe this is a recurring theme in my blogs, but seriously, how is time going by so quickly?

It's been a pretty good month so far. My brother came down to Cedar to go to a concert in Las Vegas with me. We saw Adam Lambert and it was so amazingly, mindblowingly fabulous. Adam Lambert is just... fabulous. He's seriously so good live. If you remember, Zane and I saw him in Paris last January when he was touring with Queen. We both became fans after that concert. He's an amazing performer. Since then, he's released an album and a new single, and they're so good.

The concert was at The Foundry at the new SLS Las Vegas Casino. The venue is designed to be intimate, so it only holds about 2,000 people. It's rectangle shaped with the a long stage, so you could be standing anywhere in the room and feel incredible close to the performer. Zane and I were probably about 15 feet from the stage, so we had a good time. I would definitely go back because of the experience.

Work is going really well. My boss has been giving more responsibilities and I'm actually talking to customers now! I can't answer very many of their questions, but it's still fun and it's a really good learning experience. I'll be happy there this summer.

Today I went out with my roommate/photographer and took graduation pictures! I'm graduating from college this month. Crazy, huh? It'll be good to get that behind me. I have a bunch of family coming to Cedar for it, so I'm super excited about that.

Life is just moving along nicely, I'd say. It's just strange to me that we get into routines and days pass and before you know it, things have changed without you ever consciously realizing it. Or maybe they've stayed the same and once you notice, you do something to change that. I don't know. Sometimes I worry about staying in Cedar. There are many other places I would love to live, but also, I'm happy where I am. So do I stay and fall into the routine, or do I mix it up and do something else for a while? And what if I stay too long and get stuck?

I guess I don't want to ever feel like my life is mundane. I have this fantasy that one day I'll write a book loosely based on my life and I don't want to be in a place that would make for boring chapters. (But I also don't want to have unrealistic expectations of what my life should look like.)

Are you happy with your life-- how it's turned out, where you are, and what you've done? I hope so.

I hope you're having a good day and a beautiful beginning to Spring!

Until next time,