Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Moving Again


Goodness, it's been so long! Honestly, I've had nothing to write about. My summer wasn't boring, but it definitely wasn't blog worthy. (I'm happy to report there were no more major incidents with birds.) I had a friend visit us in Idaho last week and that was a blast, but other than that I worked at the farm and around the house.

This week I moved back down to Cedar City, Utah. You'd think after all of the times I've moved too and from Cedar, I'd have it down pretty well. False. I'd don't have it down. I'm already compiling a list of things I want my mom to bring me when she comes to visit.

The place I'm living this year is pretty nice. I'm living with a friend and two other girls that I hadn't met until a few days ago. Everyone is nice and I think we'll get along well.

We moved all of my stuff in Saturday and it mostly sat in boxes until Monday. That morning I woke up with a drive to get everything unpacked and in its place. All I have left to do is organize the bathroom. (Quite honestly I'm tired of Walmart, so I'll save it for tomorrow.)

While I say I'm not good at the physical moving part, I'm also not the greatest at saying goodbye. I hate leaving my family. I cry every time. I don't like leaving home, but I know it's something I really have to do. (I am almost 22 now.)

So, here I am adjusting to being on my own, yet again.

I have some good news, though! This morning, I met with my academic advisor and got the OK to graduate this December instead of May like I thought I would!! This is such a relief to me, and I'm so, so, so excited.

Before I found this out, I was really not looking forward to starting another school year, but now that I know this will be my last semester, it doesn't seem so bad! I finished choosing my classes this morning and, aside from grabbing my books from the bookstore, I'm all ready for school to start!

Until next time,